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What do MJ readers say???


            My family and friends just love all your history stories. I myself love the history of our city. I look forward to reading all your next. ─ Mike Broerman (Evansville)

            I really enjoy MJ for all the pictures and memories. Stories I never knew and trying to remember where some of now-gone places used to be. ─ Joni

            Since I enjoy history and like to visit the genealogy room at Willard Library, I enjoy reading your stories of the days gone by. What you do is interesting because many of the stories I have never heard before in such interesting detail. Keep up the good work. ─ Doretha


               Keep up the great job that you all do at your paper. It’s the BEST little paper I have

read. It's a joy every month when I get it. Love the jokes. ─  Len


               I know for certain that I am not the only fan the Maturity Journal has, but I know I rank in the top 2%.  I am looking forward to receiving it for a long, long time. I remain one of your staunchest readers. ─ Sue Essary 


            I love to read MJ when I can find it. I enjoy the history stories about Evansville, puzzles and the Treasure Hunt, although I'm not good at it.  I enjoy the recipes, household tips and the Social Security info, especially since I'm getting closer to retirement :)  The old photos bring back memories, I so love them. Keep the stories coming. ─ J. Evans


               I read it from cover to cover and enjoy it immensely. ─ Evie


               Keep up the GREAT JOB! You’re one of a kind. I really enjoy everything you provide. You keep us all connected ─ A RARE thing in this world today. ─ S.L. (Henderson)


               I’ve lived here over 20 years, but in just a few issues I’ve learned more about the Evansville area reading Maturity Journal than from any other source. Thanks. ─ R. P. (Evansville)


               Just wanted to let you know that we all enjoy your magazines and read it cover to cover. Keep up the good work bringing joy to all us “old folks”. ─ B.E. (Poseyville)


            I just love the Journal because the history of things that happened in Evansville is so exciting to read. I like it more than my Reminisce magazine. Keep up the great stories. ─  Charlotte

            Just a note of thanks for all the work you do putting out the Maturity Journal. The articles are all interesting and informative. The puzzles are fun (even if they are mind boggling at times) and keep the mind active. Finding the swords is my #1 priority when the magazine arrives. After that, it is read from front to back and finally the word search and other puzzles completed. It makes my day. Thanks again to all involved. ─ Sue (Evansville)

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