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The "Reader of the Month" Club

Congratulations to Barbara Cason of Evansville for being selected as our 2nd member of the "Reader of the Month Club"! For winning, Barbara will receive a 1-year subscription to the Journal for herself or a loved one/friend! 
Thank you for being a Loyal Reader Barbara! We appreciate you! Here are some of the highlights from her entry:

          "Barbara Cason found out about the MJ nearly 20 years ago. I heard about it when a neighbor told me about finding the swords,” Barbara explained. “and now it’s the first thing I do when I get it each month. And then I would look for the Hometown History (Contest) and Just for Laughs (short & funny). I also read the Fortune Cookies and advertisements. The I read Cooking Corner and other articles.”

            In 2003, Ms. Cason won a Volunteer of the Year Award from then mayor Russell Lloyd Jr., and over the years she put her car mileage over 180,000 miles serving others as she volunteered.

            Though Barbara has entered, but never won, our Treasure Hunt Contest (finding the swords), she still tries every month, and she gives high praise to the Journal’s positive effect on her life.

            Barbara wrote “Maturity Journal brings me: Happiness, something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Amen!!”

A note from the editor, Ron Eaton: I have said hundreds of times over the years that our publication has the most loyal readers in the area, and we thought it would be fun to find and recognize some of the most fanatical and dedicated of those out there. We will feature the Reader of the Month on the Maturity Journal Facebook page, here on our website, as well as in the magazine itself*


How will it work:

            Readers may nominate others for the honor or nominate themselves. If you are nominating someone else, please include your name, address, phone and email (if applicable), as well as the same info for your nominee.

            We are looking for interesting stories of why you love the MJ as well as examples of the depth of your dedication. In addition to your story, you can comment on some of the ideas below:

▪ How long have you read the magazine?

▪ Where do you pick up your copy and why there?

▪ How do you read it? a little here and there or cover-to-cover in one reading?

▪ What are your favorite topics and why do you like certain writers?

▪ Do you have any crazy stories or examples of your enthusiasm for the MJ?

▪ Do you look at ads? Do puzzles? Use coupons?


           If you’re nominating someone else, tell us a little about them (life work, hobbies, things they’ve said to you about the Journal, etc.). A photo would be great as well (if adding a photo, please send the photo to Make sure it is labeled with the First and Last name of the nominee). All submissions will be kept in our files, so it isn’t necessary to re-submit a nomination for the same person more than once.

            Above all else, we want the “Reader of the Month” to be a fun, collaborative way to recognize the most loyal readers of the magazine! Thanks for you’re readership!

            Members wanting to submit a nominee via regular mail can write/type the requested information listed above and send to :   

Maturity Journal

8077 Marywood Dr.                       OR            Email:

Newburgh IN 47630

Or submit this form:

Reader of the Month Nomination

*The Reader of the Month may not always appear in the physical magazine (pending space availability), but will be on our website and on our Facebook page each month. 

By submitting your name and contact information, you are authorizing us to use your name, image and likeness in our publication and our website and private FB page. We respect your privacy and will not share your contact information with anyone. 

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